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Talking Hands

Talking Hands Plus

The solution

Leverage the potential of Talking Hands. 
People with communication disorders can benefit from TKH smart glove to improve the quality of their life in society, in their families, and with themselves.

Product value

Risorsa 16


An innovative way to communicate

Risorsa 19


Leaves the palm and fingers free so as not to interfere with the sense of touch and everyday actions

Risorsa 17


Less than 100 grams 


The software gesture recognition algorithm processes hand, forearm and finger movements with high accuracy via a built-in microcontroller and sends the data via bluetooth to the smartphone.

Risorsa 20


Match your Talking Hands device with the app, set unlimited custom signs and let’s start communicating

Easier than you think

Type the word

Everyone creates the own dictionaries according to the usage situation.

Record gesture

Free to choose your own customized dictionary.

Associate any gesture with a word.


That’s it. 

All that’ left to do is communicate!

Choose the one most suitable for you

Our team will be able to show you the one tailored to your needs