POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 – ASSE 1- OS 1- ACTION 1.1- INT. 1.1.1
Promotion of Research and Development in smart specialization enviornment

E- GLOVE: Enhanced Gesture transLation for improving Vocal Experiences


OR1: PRELIMINARY STUDY AND HARDWARE DESIGN The first phase involves the realization of a technical feasibility study for the realization of an electronic glove that is able to translate the residual gestures of each individual user.
OR2: FIRMWARE DESIGN A new dynamic gesture recognition algorithm will be designed with ad hoc libraries for the management of electronics and sensors applied to the prototype.

OR3: MECHANICAL DESIGN AND DESIGN In this phase, the design of the glove will be designed based on the ergonomic details of the glove to maximize acceptability by the people who will use it.
OR4: APP DESIGN FOR SMARTPHONES The E-GLOVE application is made only for the Android and iOS operating systems.
OR5: TESTING This phase is necessary for the future positioning of the product on the market.

Project Description

This investment project consists in the creation of a new communication device for people with reduced communication skills, or to support rehabilitation activities for those who cannot use the full faculty of oral communication, such as aphasic people in resulting from a stroke. In particular, the investment includes a research phase of Gesture Recongnition algorithms capable of processing the movements of the hands, forearms and fingers detected by the sensors that will make up the glove. The collected data will be sent to the smartphone app capable of encoding the gesture in the form of verbal expressions reproduced by a speech synthesizer. Project Partners: Limix Srl, Acme Lab Srl, Jesilab srl. Cost of the project € 510.964,00. Contribution € 268,578.40.

E-GLOVE represents a new technology that has the potential to expand beyond the stroke patient market, as it represents the most advanced technology capable of offering a real-time, customizable and relatively inexpensive voice-gestural translation device. low. All of these unique strengths, in an industry with a limited number of players, will allow you to quickly gain market share.
After the realization of the prototype created through this research program, the next steps that must be implemented are the engineering and commercial dissemination phase.